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Children’s group meeting Tuesday 27th September 2016 11am

Present Maureen & LCM


Godly Play

Jesus & Me (Jam club)

Vacation Bible Study (VBS)


Godly play

Timetable for this term


Noah’s Ark

Flight into Egypt

10 commandments


It was agreed to use the material from supporting groups to support the timetable, it was agreed that consistency was met through all the group activities.

LCM noted that guardians of Ancora (used for JAM) followed lectionary and so the timetabled topics could be found and played through the game to reinforce our core chosen biblical themes.

LCM will monitor and report back.

Godly Play


It was confirmed that Karen, Piyagarn and Blessing are the parent helpers. Fr. Jack is the Door Keeper. It was agreed to seek out a second Door Keeper for when Fr Jack is not available due to Holy Communion.

Godly play room layout

Confirmed that it is near completion

It was agreed to purchase the following for Godly play to complete the room layout:

New seat cushions for children

1 book case for the focal area

1 deep 4 shelved book case to house the Saints materials

1 Arts and crafts cupboard at the children’s height to enable them to access equipment when they want it

It was agreed that all the carpets would be deep cleaned August 2017

take a tour of a Godly Play room see how it's laid out and set up

Holy Corner

Maureen will investigate the equipment for the Holy Corner which replicates the Altar, Lectern and houses the lectionary wheel, help may be available from one of our charities also the diocese has grants available


LCM confirmed that the Go Fish Advent bible study course supports the Godly play Advent/Christmas material.

Maureen will check the Godly play material for consistency with the advent wreath for the main services through Advent LCM to check ‘Times & Seasons’ CofE for consistency.

PCC members can access more information about Godly Play on this website and also a youtube link to a guide to understand the layout of the room and the importance of the equipment needed.


Maureen has a Godly play about the saints which will be introduced to the youth to work with.

It was noted that the youth turnover has changed again, this term some have left and are now working others have gone to university so we haven’t utilised the budget for the youth holiday. It was noted that there are other things that the group could spend the money on in-house which could be shared and utilised across all the children activities.

Youth meetings

It was noted that Okwame Addae Kodda and Colin Wetchie are taking on the role of Youth Ministers, subject to the usual preliminaries of the church. DBS etc

The youth met on Sunday 18th and now have a new wish list, some of the budget could be used to support it. It was also noted that they will be going bowling this term.

Pokemon Go

It was noted that Pokemon is now in our church! We are officially a PokeStop, which can be accessed from the skull and cross bones gate. Maureen reported that she had seen teens coming into the churchyard searching for them.

LCM reported that the Church of England have issued official guidelines on how churches can use the craze to evangelise. More people log in to Pokemon Go, each day than to Twitter!

Godly Play explained also see a session in action


For PCC who are unaware of this new craze. Here is a brief breakdown

Pokemon Go is a game on line, teens use their phones to play

Players act as trainers capturing and training Pokemon

PokeGyms are locations that can be battled for and won

Players have to walk around to find PokeStops our church is a PokeStop


It was noted that all the children registers including youth will be kept in the same place under lock and key as required by safeguarding Maureen as Children’s Minister will control access

LCM to give Olive’s new address details to Maureen

Listening Course October 15th

Maureen to run a Godly Play session for the children

LCM to do a handout with explanation about the course to advertise

It was agreed that lunch would be provided LCM & Mr Vicar will cook

Date of next meeting Tuesday 8th November

Agenda Children and Christmas activities, also Leapfrogs update

Pokemon Go what Teens are all doing the latest Craze!