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St Nicholas

Parish History

The parish began with St Nicholas Church.  

The date of the first building is not known but we do know that there has been a church on the site for over 800 years. 

Over time, as Deptford grew, new churches were built and the parish boundaries of St Nicholas amended to accommodate new buildings.

The congregation now worship as one church at St Nicholas

St Luke

 St Luke church is now under redevelopment (2016)

Please continue to pray for us as we discern what God wants us to do with this space

As we explore the possibility of uniting community and church through a new educational hub project that will offer much needed community educational space for our young people and youth in our area, including a prayer space.

One of the churches built historically was Christchurch, Deptford which was constructed in 1864.  

It was given its own parish, carved out of the lands of St Paul's Deptford in 1871.  

Christchurch was united as a single parish with St Nicholas in 1936 from when the parish became known as St Nicholas with Christchurch, Deptford.  

Christchurch was demolished in 1937.