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Staff meeting Wednesday 28th September 2016 10.30am

Present: Easterine, Jack, Maureen Kay Jennifer LCM Letitia

Apologies: Ruby


Deptford X






PCC training

Stewardship Sunday

Christmas hamper

New members cheese and wine party

Meeting dates diary, Jack, Easterine



Health and safety training

Deptford X

Timetable Maureen to talk to Ed and Patrick to confirm the dates

Wednesday LCM locking up 6pm

Thursday Maureen locking up 9pm

Friday LCM opening 12pm Maureen closing 9pm

Saturday Jennifer opening 12pm Maureen closing 9pm

Sunday tbc


Holy communion

Jack and Maureen Godly Play

Paul preaching

Ruby leading

Cherry & Ruby prayers

Jennifer & Azuka reading


Changes to serving as per bishops requirements


Jennifer not here next week 5th & 6th

Easterine not here Thursday 6th

Tuesday 4th university of the third age group coming in

Thursday 6th women's day of prayer in the church 7.30-9pm

Saturday 8th safeguarding course St. Catherine's also black history month at the cathedral

Macmillan Sunday 2nd

Coffee day

Also knitting day

Encouraging everyone to donate cakes

The cake stall will be in the church

The beverages for after the service will be as usual in the hall

Guess the cake spots competition £1.00 entry get half the sweep stakes

Best cake competition £2.00

balloons green and white

If the weather is good we may go outside and put the gazebos up

Green clothes if possible

Coffee supporting fair trade

LCM to investigate further

PCC training

No response to the PCC training CPAS course 11th October St Michael & Angels Blackheath SE3 9JL it costs £3.00 a person which will be paid by the church, just let LCM know

Stewardship Sunday 9th

Our income has gone down dramatically and so a giving campaign will be launched

Gift aid Easterine LCM to work on it early next week

Christmas hamper

Just a gentle reminder to organise the three hampers for Christmas raffle

New members cheese and wine party

Announce it and target people

Sunday afternoon 20th November 4.30pm by invitation

Meeting dates diary,

Jack, this Thursday 29th

Easterine Wednesday 5th

Kay diary meeting

Panto 4th December 4pm

Easterine wrote to the bridge to advertise

Photocopy the posters for the schools LCM

Starting to distribute today

Scouts Easterine

Leapfrogs Maureen

Easterine to start advertising with the congregation


Asking if we would sponsor them a flag. LCM to investigate

Health and safety

Easterine contacted St. John's ambulance and confirmed with them that the dates will be booked for January.

Staff meeting 14th September 2016

Present: Jack, LCM, Maureen, Easterine, Kay, Jennifer Ruby





St Luke redevelopment




Awareness foundation

Christmas hamper

Chapmans tickets

Children's magazines


Litchfield trip to Bishop Michael's enthronment

The service starts at 11.00am Easterine will give us the arrangements at the next staff meeting

Everyone going is reminded to bring photo ID


Jack and Jennifer distributing the donations

190 centre

We got an email from Audrey Heart, the heating has gone down again, Jack is going to contact Arthur who they used the last time.

They've also had a letter from the gas board to replace the gas meters, Jack will give them access

St Luke redevelopment

On hold until 2017 due to issues with the diocese reorganisation and waiting for historic England to get back to us re: listing the building


Roselyn not available harvest

Sunday communion

Own prayers


Readers Karen and Tom

Leading Kay and Jennifer

Servers Marcia Letitia Kay


Count your blessings

O for a heart to praise my God a heart from sin set free

Tell out my soul

Do not be afraid


Deanery synod clergy chapter tonight

Wedding rehearsal Thursday

Wedding on Saturday

Awareness foundation

16th November

Christmas hamper

Making more than one this year,

Chapmans panto tickets

Easterine organising


Scouts 20

Leapfrogs 30

Congregation 50

Our children 30

Children's magazines

For children's transitioning to secondary

Also children magazine and st. Luke the gospel for children


CWs to set a Machins charity date

Staff meeting 7th September 2016


Women's breakfast

Big question



The usual



National week of prayer

Admin report

Group visit


St Luke day


Macmillan coffee morning

children's meeting

Lichfield trip

Women's breakfast

5th November

Big question

None booked until 2017


Morning prayer

Reading Luke 14:1-10 & 1 Timothy 1:12-17 Readers Ruby and Letitia

Leading Florence

Preaching Maureen

Prayers: Maureen and Ruby


Amazing grace

The lords my shepherd

Glorious thing of thee are spoken

Love divine all loves excelling


Redevelopment meeting 1pm

Churchwarden's meeting on Sunday

Churchwardens report

· Asbestos report – waiting for PCC approval of quote.

2 types of surveys are available. Management survey and Advance survey. Currently we need only a management survey. St Luke's will need a pre demolition survey when the demolition is to be done.

We have 2 quotes

Envirohive: £750.00 per church (quoted on phone)

Ace Consultancy: £1188.00 ( inc vat) for both churches (after visit to see the buildings)

· Fire Risk Assessment. Is being prepared. The floor fire plan is done and is available.

· Rotary alarms have been purchased and Tyco have been consulted for the most advantages positions for the alarms. Faculty is being raised for their installation.

· Fire training being arranged. Waiting for actual quotes from trainers. We need minimum 6 Fire Marshals and 6 First Aid Providers. Approximate cost of training will be £1000.00 PCC need to approve this budget.

· Fire extinguishers and other fire safety measure are in place and are tested yearly.

· A Fire Drill is being planned. Vicar in charge of allocating a date.

· First Aid kits are provided in the kitchen/ Upstairs hall/Vestry(office)/ In the church by the organ. These are checked and updated weekly

· Fire door closers have been checked and replaced where necessary. All in working order.

· Emergency lights within the church have been tested and installed where necessary. All in working order.

· Sensor lights are available at the back door and front door. The back door works. The front door sensor seems to be slightly problematic. We are looking into it with the contractors.

· Buzzers: All entry buzzers and those within the church are in good order and functioning well.

· St Luke’s Church status: The report from Historic England is waiting to be sent to the Secretary of State along with our letter.

· Lightening conductor: This has finally been fixed to a satisfactory standard. It needs to be checked yearly.


Accessing the information on the website was explained


We are now keeping a register of attendance of adults and children

We are designing a form for next of kin

Also a form for reading volunteers

National week of prayer

18-25th January

Admin report

Easterine has now got a reply from metropolitan archives, (researching our church boundaries) because our parish is an ancient parish, there may be things in the archives, this will be on going because the electricity company appear to have been using our land and also the council have built a bin stall on our land also. Easterine to continue investigating.

Easterine is going to take photographs today for the faculty in order to install the hand activated fire alarms

Easterine is talking to the fire brigade about walking through our fire prevention

We still need to do fire drills

Group visit

Hamish coming with the 3rd age with a group Kay will let him know it's all booked


25th September

Guest speaker Frances Reynolds

Donations to the food bank at St James

The perishables to Deptford reach at Speedwell

Bring and share lunch

Face painting raising money for Tushinde

St Luke day

23rd October Morning Prayer


October 8th 10-1pm at St. Catherine's

Macmillan coffee morning

Agreed to hold it on the 2nd October

Beginning after the service

children's meeting

27th September 11am

Lichfield trip

We've got tickets for bishop Michael's enthronement

Kay to look up the time and the address.

We have to bring ID

Any other business

Wednesday 16th November Awareness foundation dinner




Michael and Rose






Staff meeting 24th August 2016

Present: Easterine, Maureen, LCM






Deanery synod




Bank holiday, morning prayer theme recycling

No Taize

Gabriel leading

LCM preaching

Cherry & James reading

Prayers Maureen & Cherry


Nothing to report for next week

PCC admin Tuesday 30th August

Churchwardens meeting Sunday 11th September

PCC Monday 13th September

St Luke redevelopment 8th September


24th September Bishop Michael's enthronement

There are places, we've been given tickets however harvest is on the Sunday


Do everything in advance due to the trip the day before

Guest speaker Christian aid

Have a separate stewardship Sunday including highlighting gift aid

Deanery synod

Tuesday 20th September barn dance harvest supper, invited at 7.30pm

All clergy

Deanery reps


There are five extra tickets for those interested in being involved with the deanery synod


Service of thanks giving & workshops 10.30-12pm

Cancel the choir


Ruby has put out a reminder to do availability for the rota

Any other business

Easterine away Wednesday 30th she has a hospital appointment, also Sunday 11th September

Staff meeting 17th August 2016

Present: Kay, Maureen, Jennifer, Ruby and Easterine


Sunday 21st August

Harvest Festival


Trafalgar sq meeting

Listening skills Oct 15.2016

Church Warden’s report and H&S

Sunday 21st is Holy Communion.

Florence leading and Rev Louise presiding.

Readings: Karen and Tom

Serving: Maureen, Nick, Marcia and Rev Louise. (Standby Florence)


Set for 25th of September. It was understood that Nadim was preaching at St Pauls on that day. Special speaker arranged. Bring and share lunch after the service. Harvest date to be announced at the service on Sunday as the date is not yet given in the service sheet.

Is there a special day set aside for stewardship Sunday?


Nicola is in Rio with her husband who is reporting on the Olympics.

She is helping the Nadim Alkhalil, the gentleman we previously helped with his asylum. He appears to live in Lewisham near Nicola and she is able to assist him. Prayers requested for her.


A memorial service will be held at Trafalgar sq on Sunday the 21st ti remember those who were enslaved. Jennifer is attending. Notice was given in Church last Sunday. To be announced again.

Just Listening

On October the 15th there is an all day event to be held at St Nicholas church. The whole church is invited to spend time learning to listen. An announcement is to be made on Sunday at the service.

Church Wardens

Report on investigation with power networks. Searching for land markings with land registry and Metropolitan Archives.

St Luke’s report from Historic England is waiting to be sent up to the minister.

For a 100 member congregation we need 5 fire wardens and 5 first aiders. We are planning to train 6.

The CWs will meet on the 11th of Sept 2016 prior to the PCC meeting. Easterine will also attend that meeting.

As there was no other business raised, the meeting was closed.