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General meeting of the PCC 13th September 2016 Draft minutes

held at St Nicholas church Deptford at 7pm


Mark Gregory, Maureen Vitler, LCM vicar. Letitia Addae Kodua, Jennifer Morgan, Azuka, Egboh Marcia Palmer, Grace Soares, Florence Soares, Emmanuel Eppelle Dawn Branker

Food and beverages were served before the meeting

The meeting began with a prayer


Minutes of the PCC were approved

Matters arising from the minutes, not covered in the agenda



Map was explained and it was agreed that a report in small amounts of the timetable would be given to the PCC for further agreement so that we can achieve our targets


This was shown to everyone and a guide was given to how to navigate it. Dawn gave advice about how to make a better presence on Google.

Stewardship Sunday

9th October with a view to recruiting a stewardship officer

Diocese leadership survey

LCM to email the survey monkey link to all the PCC members

PCC training day

Held by CPAS at St Michaels and All Angels at Blackheath 7.45pm start. Anyone wanting to go email LCM as there is a cost of £3.00 paid by our church

PCC's and how to survive them

Course for new members of the PCC October 22nd 9. am

It was agreed to have it as a compulsory training for all new members, proposed by Emmanuel, seconded by Dawn, carried unanimously

Pilgrimage to St Paul's cathedral

Open to everyone this was agreed, LCM to contact the Dean's secretary for dates

Attendance registers

For both adults and children for school applications and pastoral care have been introduced by LCM

Macmillan's coffee morning

Our Macmillan coffee morning Sunday 2nd October

Churchwarden's report

The reports have been included in the staff meeting minutes. It was confirmed that there is a terrier of all the important items for both churches.

Asbestos survey needed two quotes were submitted from

Envirohive: £750.00 per church (quoted on phone)

Ace Consultancy: £1188.00 ( inc vat) for both churches (after visit to see the buildings)

Maureen proposed that we used Ace Consultancy to do the work, Mark seconded the proposal of £1200 for the two churches agreed unanimously

Fire and first aid training it will cost £1000.00 for 6 fire marshals and six first aiders the ratio is set by health and safety. Maureen proposed the amount for training Mark seconded and it was approved unanimously

Finance report

Mark went through the finances, by the end of the year we will have a deficit of around £13,000

Expenditure: is on track

Income: down, from where we should be for this time of year, due to not getting the level of planned giving from congregation

The average is about £4.00 a week, if everyone gave £2.00 a week more we would break even.

Diocese parish support fund pledge

Mark explained what it is. We contribute £23,800 presently

We discussed if we want to increase it or keep it where it is or pay less?

It was noted that it is a pledge that we would agree

It was proposed by Florence that we pay £24000, seconded by Maureen carried, by eleven members with one abstention

Deanery barn dance harvest supper

Tuesday 7.30pm All Saints church open to people interested in being on the deanery synod

PCC vacancies

Siobhan has stepped down

Other vacancies include:


Electoral roll officer

Stewardship officer

Deanery synod rep

LCM to advertise

Listening day Saturday October 15th

PCC encouraged to attend

St Luke redevelopment

We are still waiting for the historical society to get back to us to know if it will be listed or not. It was also reported that the diocese has changed people on projects so we've been told that nothing will happen during 2016.

Any other business

The youth met, the juniors and youth are starting junior PCC, Grace will report from their meetings to the PCC main meeting


Sunday 27th November 2016 with a meal provided

Meeting finished at 9pm and ended in prayer 

PCC meeting  

Held at St Nicholas Church Deptford 

on 13th June 2016 at 7pm

Present: Jennifer Morgan, Kay Ingledew, Mark Gregory, Vicar Revd Louise Codrington-Marshall (LCM), Maureen vitler, Azuka Egboh. Marcia Palmer, Deborah Whitter, James Murdoch, Nick Alim


Siobhan Gibbons, Letitia Addae-Kodua, Dawn Branker

The Vicar thanked the Churchwardens and those members of the PCC who attended their swearing in service at Southwark Cathedral.

Approval of minutes

The minutes were agreed as a correct record 

Matters arising

Health and safety audit report: LCM to send the health and safety minutes to PCC

190 club: haven't moved out so far but are looking at other venues Maureen has a meeting with 190 centre this week so we should hear something soon.

Stewardship: the timetable will be included in the MAP, which will be presented at the next PCC meeting for discussion.

Fabric and Maintenance: ref to staff meeting minutes, no questions were raised from the reports.

Update on St Luke's: ref to redevelopment minutes, questions were answered explaining what areas the group have been working on whilst awaiting the results from historic England.

Dates of future meetings

The 5 meetings last year were 






It was agreed that the meetings for the year would be:

September Tuesday 13th 2016

November. Sunday 27th 2016

January Tuesday 30th 2017

March pre APCM Tuesday 28th 2017

APCM Sunday 30th April 2017 

Election of officers 

Florence lay chair

Treasurer Mark Gregory

Secretary vacant 

(a vote of thanks was expressed to Deborah and Marcia for all their hard work as joint secretary last year)

Electoral Roll Officer vacant 

(A vote of thanks to Azuka for all her hard work last year)

Stewardship officer vacant  

(The diocese requires a nominated person, LCM ask Easterine for job spec)

Co-opted Reps two spaces 

It was noted that LCM would be advertising the posts to the congregation 

Admin standing committee





James Murdoch 

Marcia Palmer

This makeup of the standing committee was agreed 

Fabric and Maintenance 

Inventory and Terrier has to be done for the Archdeacon's visitation, it will be presented at the next PCC meeting 

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bank signatories for the church Cheque book: the current signatories are Churchwardens, except Maureen, treasurer, LCM, any two people can sign.

It was agreed that the Vicar or treasurer and one other to sign Cheques 

Approval of expenditure: proposal; 

the Treasurer has authority to make payments up to the amount of £1000.00 for anything in the budget the Admin group can approve expenditure up to £500.00 that's not budgeted for.  

All other expenditure is to come to the PCC. This was agreed

Any other business 

Church dismissal -Emmanuel 

Hymn selection - Emmanuel 

Car park for St Nicholas members/visitors - Emmanuel 

Review of tea and coffee servers - Emmanuel 

As Emmanuel O. Epelle was not present, so it was agreed that LCM would have a chat with him about the items that he has raised.